Val de Ruz - New water management organisation

Val de Ruz - New water management organisation

Client / Owner

SCPE - Neuchâtel Cantonal Environmental Protection Department


2005 - 2007

Project description

The Seyon, and to varying degrees its tributaries, are characterised by a structural shortage in the river, downgraded hydrological conditions and overspills, problems for the receiving environment, uncoordinated local water disposal plans and often inadequate water quality. The study area comprises 14 communes with a total of 14,100 inhabitants and 4 WWTPs.

The regional water disposal plan includes the following stages:

  • Collection of the necessary data
  • Sector-based and then overall (integrated) assessment
  • Definition of a concept for improving observed shortages and outline definition of actions to be implemented
  • Establishment of a detailed list of measures, including costs and priorities

The topics dealt with are:

  • Sewerage (networks and WWTPs)
  • Water quality
  • Environmental quality
  • Hydrology
  • Groundwater
  • Agriculture


  • Updating of specifications
  • Tender documents for three specialist contracts
  • Coordination and monitoring of successful tenderers
  • Coordination with the SEVRE (district sewerage and drinking water authority)
  • Financial monitoring
  • Integration of the various cantonal departments concerned
  • Communication with regard to communes, nature protection, fishermen's and agricultural associations,
  • Summary and action plans

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