Temporary ice-skating rink at Malley - strucural design
Temporary ice-skating rink at Malley - strucural design

Temporary ice-skating rink at Malley - strucural design


Lausanne Hockey Club 


2016 - 2017


  • Eller & Associés SA (Client representative - BAMO)
  • 2b Architectes (Architect)
  • BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA (MEP and fire security) 

Total costs

9 mio EUR

Project description 

Construction of a temporary 6700 seat ice-skating rink for use during the 2017 to 2019 ice-hockey seasons by the Lausanne Hockey Club.

Construction on a parcel of land previously used for the Prilly abattoir, above existing parts of this structure which were required to be conserved (technical galleries and basement areas).

  • Temporary propping and transformation of the existing below-ground structures.
  • Installation of deep foundations (bored piles).
  • Below-ground drainage and landscaping
  • Construction of an ice silo.
  • Construction of a steel superstructure covering 6,300m2, using approximately 500t of steel.
  • The structure of the hall uses a series of portal frames (columns and truss beams) to create the 66m span, with a height of 17m.
  • Very tight timeframe (approximately 8 months for the design and construction of the civil engineering works).
  • Limited total budget – optimization studies were completed to minimize the construction costs. 

Structural quality

The 66m span was achieved using steel trusses, with the minimum clear height set by the sporting standards, and the geometry determined by a compromise between the architectural aesthetic and the construction cost.

The fabrication and erection of the structure was carefully studied with the contractor to minimize the construction program. To achieve this, we developed the detailing of the site connections to maximize the efficiency of the selected construction method.  

Services provided

Engineering services for phases 31-53 in line with SIA 112, including specialist civil engineering services for these phases in line with SIA 103.

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