Temporary ice-skating rink, Malley

Temporary ice-skating rink, Malley – Asbestos/pcb audit, remediation and soil pollution monitoring


  • Lausanne Hockey Club (ultimate clientl)
  • Nüssli SA (design and build contractor) 


2016 - 2017

Total costs

2.25 mio EUR

Project description

The new rink was temporarily propped from the existing abattoirs below. During this phase, BG was appointed to undertake a diagnostic survey for pollutants in the existing building, to monitor the remediation works for the existing buildings, and to monitor the pollution of the soil encountered during the pile installation works.

Main and 'pre-works' asbestos/PCB surveys

  • Organisation and preparation for the pollution audit
  • Research, identification and description of the materials likely to contain asbestos of PCBs through careful inspection of all premises and materials likely to be impacted by the structural propping works
  • Removal of samples of the suspect materials and sending these to the laboratories for analysis
  • Description of the materials and identification of those containing asbestos (strong or weak concentrations)
  • Receipt of the laboratory results and development of a "pre-works" report in line with the ASCA directives, including:
  • Plans, photos, a list of rooms invesigated, location of the samples taken, identification information, general safety recommendations, identification of the urgency of remediation and of the appropriate security measures

Monitoring of the remediation works (asbestos removal)

  • Declaration of the works to SUVA, the body responsible for overseeing asbestos works in Switzerland, as part of its remit to insure and protect the health of workers
  • Monitoring of the asbestos removal works. The works were completed in line with the SUVA 33049 document
  • Management of the asbestos waste in line with the current codes and standards (double wrapped in sealed watertight bags, transport to type E landfills)
  • Visual review after the works, validation of the liberation of zones
  • Drafting of the verbal process "lifting of the protection measures and liberation of the remediation zones" in line with the CFST 6503 directive
  • Drafting of a final report outlining the work completed

Monitoring of soil pollution

  • Sampling, packaging and sending of a sample containing each soil type found during the piling works to the laboratory for analysis.
  • Comparison of the results with the current codes and standards to determine the appropriate disposal route for any polluted materials
  • Drafting of a technical note defining the sampling methodology, the analytical programme, the results and the actions necessary when disposing of the polluted soil.

Services provided

  • Study of the pollution intrinsic in the existing buildings
  • Monitoring of the remediation works for the old Malley abattoirs, which lie below the rink
  • Monitoring of the soil pollution encountered during the pile installation

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