Swisshaus Nyon - Civil entineering and earthworks

Swisshaus Nyon - Civil entineering and earthworks


Induni et Cie SA, Petit-Lancy


  • Duration of the works: July 2016 - 2018
  • Duration of the civil engineering /earthworks: 10 months 


  • Muttoni et Fernandez Ingénieurs Conseils SA
  • Mangeat Wahlen architectes associés

Total costs

Civil engineering : 1.8 mio CHF / Earthworks : 720 k. CHF

Project description 

This project required the demolition of the existing Swisscom building to make way for a residential building with two basement levels.

The project was undertaken in two phases to avoid interrupting the Swisscom installations during the works.

Construction of the project in two phases:

Phase 1

  • Installation of anchorages in the party wall.
  • Alteration to the wall foundation.
  • Completion of the basement perimeter using diaphragm walls.
  • Underpinning the preserved part of the building using micropiles.
  • Earthworks undertaken with the use of struts and tie rods, installed as the excavation progressed.

Phase 2 (started April 2017)

  • The building which was conserved in the first phase has been demolished to allow the construction of the second phase of the project. 


  • Proximity of the CFF railway
  • Proximity of the rue de la Morâche
  • Existing building adjacent to the excavation
  • Contaminated land due to the earlier presence of a petrol station. 



  • Length of diaphragm wall: 15 m
  • Thickness: 0.6 m

Civil engineering:

  • No. of anchorages: 36 anchorages, Po = 300 kN;
  • Struts: ROR (circular hollow sections) dia. 610 mm and length: 12.5 m
  • Rows of struts: 3.


  • Excavation dimensions: 15 x 40 m
  • Depth of the excavation: 10 m
  • Volume excavated: 6 000 m3 

Services provided

  • Geotechnical surveying programme.
  • Feasibility studies including alternative options.
  • Scheme design.
  • Tender documentation, comparison of offers, adjudication proposal.
  • Construction design.
  • Construction phase. 

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