Satellite view of the City of Sion

Study to design a district heating network for the town of Sion


  • Solid Waste Incineration Plant from Uvrier (UTO) 
  • Energies Sion Région (ESR)
  • City of Sion



Project description

In order to identify the appropriate option to consider in the development of the concept design for the district heating network, the study was split into three distinct phases:

  • Audit of the Uvrier waste treatment plant :

This audit identified the energy available for recovery (quantities, temperatures etc.) and under which conditions the energy sources are recoverable (steam extraction, turbine, processing of the fumes, etc.).

  • Options definition :
    • at the UTO end, relating to the production of energy component,
    • within the heating network, relating to the energy consumption component (18 to 45 MW)
    • finally, combination of the two components to fully understand the global system.
  • Selection of the option to take forwards:

To determine the optimal scenario to develop in the following phase, a detailed analysis of each of the options was carried out, based on technical, economic, energy, and environmental criteria.

Services provided

Study to design a district heating network serving a part of the town of Sion, drawing on recovered energy from the Uvrier waste treatment plant (UTO), which processes 80 000 tons of waste per year.

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