3D render of the new waste incineration facility, Cheneviers IV

Strategic study on seasonal thermal storage of the unavoidable spare energy produced by Cheneviers


Services Industriels de Genève (SIG)


October 2016 - June 2018


Résonance, Geneva University, AF-Consult, OCEN

Description du projet

This project follows on from a feasibility study on the synergies between the gravel extraction plan and seasonal thermal storage prepared by BG in 2014 for the Canton of Geneva.

That study proposed a concept to harness this synergy, and in discussions with the gravel extractors and other partners, it was considered appropriate to broaden the scope of the study to encompass the following aspects:

  • the replacement of the energy from waste facility at Cheneviers, which will result in an increase of the energy to be stored (from 50 to 80 GWh/year)
  • the GEothermie 2020 exploratory programme to identify mid-depth and deep geothermal energy stores which can be used directly or indirectly, or operated as a storage reservoir.

BG's objectives were divided into two parts:

  • Project management: organisation of the project, and coordination and combination of the results from each of the project partners. These elements were related to the feasibility studies and the dynamic modelling of the seasonal thermal storage at depth.
  • Technical studies: the objectives were to undertake a SWOT analysis of the different types of thermal storage; to define the solution(s) which can be developed for the storage and recovery of waste thermal energy from Cheneviers IV; and to identify other potential storage and energy recovery opportunities at a cantonal level, including the potential of other thermal discharge streams, allowing further considerations relating to the Canton's energy strategy to be considered.

Services provided

  • Management, organisation and coordination of SIG providers.
  • State of the art and comparative analysis of the different seasonal storage systems based on experience and feedback.
  • Development of a decision support tool for the selection of the optimal type of storage based on given parameters.
  • Qualitative and quantitative estimation of the thermal discharges from the future energy from waste plant, Cheneviers IV.
  • Mapping and qualitative and quantitative estimation of the current and future energy needs for a specific area and for the canton of Geneva.
  • Mapping and qualitative estimation of the thermal discharges from the future Cheneviers IV energy from waste facility.
  • Classification of the legal and physical constraints in order to map the land parcels and geostructures with any potential for seasonal thermal storage for a specific area and for the canton of Geneva.
  • Identification of pilot projects for seasonal thermal storage.

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