Strategic study - Hydropower R&D Centre - Bhutan

Strategic study - Hydropower R&D Centre - Bhutan

Client / Owner

Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd. - Bhutan




In collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) – BG Lead company.

Total costs

approx. 0.9 million EUR

Project Description

To support the sustainable development of hydropower in Bhutan, a high-level Research and Development Centre (R&D Centre) is essential. It satisfies the need for new and strengthened knowhow (for technical services and R&D activities), in order to support Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd. (DGPC) in the design, maintenance, and operation of its hydropower schemes. Furthermore, the R&D Centre contributes to a high independence of the country and its institutions with regard to hydropower.

It benefits equally from collaborations with leading academic research institutions as from its industrial roots and technical experience of actual challenges within DGPC. The R&D Centre enhances the longterm integrity and sustainability of DGPC's hydropower operation and represents a strategically and financially sound investment. 

Around the nine proposed Centres of Excellence (CoEs), organised in a slender structure and covering the entire value-chain of hydropower, the R&D Centre will propose structural and operational optimisation measures for increasing electricity generation, support the monitoring and maintenance processes, and increase internal expertise, while reducing overall costs. The R&D Centre also has the strategic mission to conduct research and development activities in the fields of sediment management, hydraulic structures and operation optimisation. This combination of both operation-oriented and research-oriented services will enhance competitiveness, attractiveness, profitability, and visibility for DGPC.

BG Consulting Engineers in collaboration with EPFL has conducted studies and analysis that define the development and its implementation over a 36 months period. The terms of reference (area of expertise, infrastructure and manpower requirements,…) of the futur R&D Centre as well as a complete business plan including a market and risk analysis was established. 


Strategic study for the scoping, design and engineering consultancy for hydropower research & development centre for Druk Green Power Corporation.

Redaction of the terms of reference, business plan, market & risk analysis as well as the definition of the implementation roadmap.

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