Skylab building - a multi-use centre in Plan-les-Ouates

Skylab building - a multi-use centre in Plan-les-Ouates / Fire protection


  • Concordo
  • Municipality of Plan-les-Ouates
  •  FTI - Industrial Land Foundation


  • Project Study : 2010-2012
  • Completion: 2012-2015


BassiCarella Architectes

Total costs

72 million EUR

Project description

Construction of complex (approx. 120m x 50m, six floors above ground, three basements levels, approx.. 190,000 m3 SIA) including public and private parking, a fire station, a child-care centre, space for municipal services, remote heating capabilities and industrial facilities for biotechnology activities.


Study of project - Fire concept

  • Review of the scheme design study completed by the architects in order to detect non-compliances and incompatibilities with the fire safety directives (norms and directives of the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Institutions AEAI);
  • Development of a fire safety concept (reports and plans) including safety measures (firewalls, escape and rescue routes, fire escape stairs, etc) and building services (fire detection systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, emergency exit signage, emergency lighting, smoke and heat extraction systems, evacuation sound systems, etc);
  • Review of alternative design solutions;
  • Solution proposal and integration based on performance (demonstrated by calculations, engineering, digital simulations, etc);
  • Negotiations with the relevant authorities regarding fire safety (fire brigades and fire departments).

Completion, Follow up and official acceptance of work:

  • Respondent of the quality assurance in fire protection;
  • Assistance and punctual advice to the client, DT and representatives in phase of execution and for reception of fire protection technical installations ;
  • Support of the representatives and the building companies in the choices of systems and technical details;
  • Elaboration of subjections matrix, organization, planning and realization of complete tests on the fire protection installations;
  • Visit for official acceptance of work with competent authorities in order to establish the licence to occupy;
  • Declaration of conformity of fire protective measures.                                          


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