Scheme design for project partiel 4 (PP4) - variante M3

Scheme design for project partiel 4 (PP4) - variante M3


TL / Ville de Lausanne


2018 - 2025


Project partnership "PARAGRAF" including the following:

  • CITEC (Pilot)
  • Architram
  • SD Ingénierie
  • BG Ingénieurs Conseils 

Total costs

env. 455 mio EUR

Project description

The M3 line metro project at Lausanne is based on the same concept as the M2 line. It will be fully automatic and will link the main CFF train station at Lausanne with the Blécherette plateau via le Flon, Chauderon, Beaulieu, la Pontaise, les Plaines du Loup then Rionzi.

With a length of 4.5 km which will run entirely underground, the M3 project anticipates that the construction will include approximately 2.9 km of bored tunnel and 1.6 km of cut-and-cover tunnel.

The feasibility studies generated a range of alignments and station positions, for which the technical feasibility was then analysed. The options were then ranked according to station accessibility (depth); the attractiveness of the station position and alignment; the connection to the main CFF train station; the geological risks; and the risks associated with the proximity to existing buildings.

The scheme design for the chosen variant was then undertaken. The bored and cut-and-cover tunnels were sized as was the underpinning required to the foundations of adjacent buildings. Geotechnical investigations were completed enabling the assembly of the longitudinal geotechnical profile. These and other studies enabled the costs and programme of works to be estimated.

Services provided

  • Feasibility study
  • Scheme design 

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