Safety gallery of Corbes

Safety gallery of Corbes


Electricité d'Emosson SA


2014 - 2016


PRA Consulting Engineers Ltd


Total costs

2.7 mio EUR

Project description

Realization of a new hydraulic outlet gallery between the current surge tank of Corbes and the lake of Emosson in order to suppress the spillages.

The main characteristics of the works are the following:

  • Length 483 m,
  • Excavation method: drill and blast,
  • Section of excavation: 13.3 m2,
  • Two additional reinforced concrete walls with iron access gate,
  • Hydraulic capacity of the gallery: 40 m3/s.


Realization of the complete set of engineering services from feasibility study to commissioning.

The strong mobilization of the resources on the project allowed to respect the schedule for the entire satisfaction of the Client.

The hydraulic design optimization allowed to cut the construction costs of the project.

The capacity of the gallery was determined with complex hydraulic modelling.

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