Royal Savoy Hotel Lausanne

Royal Savoy Hotel Lausanne


Hôtel Royal Savoy Lausanne SA




  • AHA – New building architect
  • HoffmanExisting building architect
  • Hôtel Itten Brechbühl – Site management

Total costs

> 90 million EUR

Project description

Renovation of the existing Royal Savoy Hotel building and construction of an extension with a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, and additional rooms. Approximate surface of the complex: 18,000 m2

Air conditioning

  • Cold production through a compressor unit
  • Distribution of cold water to all consumers (mono-block, fan-coil unit, radiating floor panels)


  • Heat production through a substation connected to the CAS network of Lausanne’s Utilities Company (SIL)
  • Heat distribution to all consumers (mono-block, fan-coil unit, radiating floor panels


  • All ventilation installations (rooms, reception, conference rooms, kitchens, restaurant, swimming pool)


  • Sanitary installations/domestic hot water, softened water, grease interceptor, rain water/waste water
  • Plumbing fixtures (showers, bathtubs, sinks)


  • Lightening protection
  • Transformation
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Low current installations


  • Renovation-extension of the hotel
  • Engineering services according to SIA standard 108:
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Electricity
    • MCR

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