Rocade L2 - Autoroute A507 – Lead technical assistant to the client

Rocade L2 - Autoroute A507 – Lead technical assistant to the client


Société de la Rocade L2 de Marseille (SRL2)

Time frame

2013 - 2017

Project description

Following a competitive dialogue procedure launched by the French State, the "Société de la Rocade L2 de Marseille" (the Marseille ring road company) signed a public-private partnership (PPP) contract on the 7th October 2013 to develop and complete the Marseille ring motorway (A7-A50 link). The project is split into two parts:

  • the L2 North, around 4km long, largely new build.
  • the L2 East, around 6km long, where a significant part of the civil engineering works were previously completed.

The section of urban ring road is formed for the most part of 3 lanes in each direction, with two complex motorway junctions at each end (with the A7 and A50) and 5 intermediate interchanges. More than 60% of the project is in tunnels and has had to be designed in compliance with the latest Tunnel Safety regulations.
The L2 East section was commissioned in November 2016, and the L2 North section in October 2018.
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Services provided

Lead technical assistant to the client for the design and construction, the general maintenance and the significant upgrade works.

  • External technical oversight of the design (including the preliminary design of civil and infrastructure works, and the development of the health and safety concept): review of the conformity of the designs and assistance across a range of technical subjects including traffic, geometry, structures, geotechnics, hydraulic alterations, operational equipment, fire and safety equipment, fixed installations….
  • Assistance to the SRL2 client during the construction phase: checking the implementation of the quality plan, monitoring the deviations from the programme or budget, participation in the lifting of hold points for the works.
  • Assistance at the project completion and afterwards
  • Specific client-assistant role for the maintenance and significant upgrade works:
    • General maintenance programme
    • Drafting of the specifications
    • Operations and maintenance manuel
    • Training of the end-user
    • ...

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