RN 59 - Maurice Lemaire tunnel - Vosges / Alsace - renovation

RN 59 - Maurice Lemaire tunnel - Vosges / Alsace - renovation


APRR - Société des Autoroutes Paris - Rhin - Rhône


2002 - 2008


In partnership, BG as pilot of the group

Total costs

208 mio EUR

Project description

This rail tunnel was drilled through the rock in 1936 and was converted to a road tunnel in 1973. It has a cross-section of around 60m2; a length of 7km; and is serviced using ventilation plant at each tunnel portal.

Civil engineering

  • Drilling of a parallel tunnel of 6m diameter to enable evacuation and ventilation (7km in length)
  • Organisation of the platforms at the portals
  • Transformation of the ventilation plant
  • Excavation of the pedestrian link passages and smoke extraction ducts between the main tunnel and the escape tunnel
  • Creation of electrical sub-stations and galleries to permit turning within the tunnel
  • Demolition of the reinforced concrete ventilation chambers, and rehabilitation of the gallery
  • Complete reconstruction of the tunnel drainage networks including installation of a slotted gutter; partial resurfacing of the road


  • Refurbishing of the energy network; the central plant room; the emergency communication system (RAU); and the surveillance video system
  • Modification of the ventilation system
  • Installation of a radio transmission system and an automatic incident detection system (DAI)
  • Renovation of the safety alcoves and the fire suppression system
  • Creation of a new centralised command post (PCC)

Services provided

  • Project management (coordination and control of the projet, communication, reviews)
  • Safety file
  • Background measurements and studies (topography, geology, hydrogeology, environment)
  • Concept, scheme and detailed design
  • Preparation of the tender documents
  • Validation of the construction design studies undertaken by the contractors
  • Direction of the construction works
  • Preparation of the administrative documents (including water control regulations, safety file, study of specific risks)
  • Operational management assistance

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