Chaudanne tunnel

Remediation and modification to the clearance profile of the Chaudanne tunnel


Compagnie du Chemin de fer MOB SA


2017 - 2018

Total costs

9.9 mio EUR

Project description

Complete renovation of 640 m of railway, incorporating a 196 m long tunnel.

  • Remediation and modification of the clearance profile in line with the OFC B regulations by boring of the Chaudanne tunnel (155 m).
  • Reconstruction of the cut and cover sections of the tunnel including new portals (41 m).
  • Reconstruction of the gravity retaining wall of Chaudanne.
  • Renovation of the bridge of the 3 Arches and the bridge of the Torrent de la Chaudanne.
  • Modification of the alignment, reconstruction of the platforms, the drainage, and the cable runs

Detailed information

The works were undertaken while the railway remained operational, apart from an intensive 10 weeks planned interruption of the line. The success of the operation required detailed planning and preparation of the works.

The safety of the line must be assured at all times. During the mining operations in particular, which were carried out in the immediate vicinity of the existing structure, strict precautionary limits on the vibration levels were imposed.

3D BIM modelling of the 3 Arches bridge and the portals have enabled the optimum design of the remediation works of the existing structure.

Services provided

  • Project direction, including the coordination of Techfer
  • Tenders
  • Construction design
  • Management of the works


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