Refurbishment of the Haute école d'ingénierie et de gestion du Canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD) – Building physics

Refurbishment of the Haute école d'ingénierie et de gestion du Canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD) – Building physics


SIPAL (Vaud Canton Department of Buildings, Assets, and Logistics)


2012 - 2013


Dolci Sàrl, an architecture and urban planning firm 

Total costs

10 million EUR

Project description

The existing HEIG-VD building, located between Cheseaux and Yverdon-les-Bains, was built in 1972 for a student body of around 400 and the associated teaching staff. This building is to be renovated after around 40 years of use.

Before this project, the main shortcomings of this building were its low thermal insulation and the widespread obsolescence of its technical installations.

The Client's objective was to enhance the thermal envelope in order to meet the requirements of the SIA standards 380/1 (2009) and 180 (1999), to guarantee the comfort of the building users yearlong and to reduce the operational environmental and energy costs while guaranteeing the durability of the construction.

In particular, a comfortable environment during the summer months was to be achieved without active cooling (air conditioners), through the optimisation of openings for natural ventilation (in particular by exploiting lower night-time temperatures).

BG Ingénieurs Conseils, sub-consultant to the Architect Dolci Sàrl, contributed to this project as follows:

  • Avant-projet (scheme design): verification of the compatibility of the renovations with the SIA standard 380/1, calculation of the impact of thermal bridging using finite element analysis, summertime comfort simulations using the software DIAL+;
  • Procédure de demande d'autorisation de construire (permitting process): proof of energy compliance through verification of the performance of each and every envelope element as required by SIA 380/1;
  • Exécution de l'ouvrage (construction phase): validation of the construction drawings, review of the conformity of the isolation (location, thickness, continuity), avoidance of condensation issues and thermal bridges.


  • Thermal simulation
  • Submission for public comment

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