Preliminary study for the connection of the Geneva University Hospital Cluse - Roseraie site to Genilac

Preliminary study for the connection of the Geneva University Hospital Cluse - Roseraie site to Genilac


Services Industriels de Genève


June 2017 - April 2018



Project description

The purpose of this study was to develop the concepts proposed at the feasibility stage for the energy supply transition of the Cluse-Roseraie site (principally Geneva University Hospital and the University Medical Center), and to confirm their technical and economic feasibility.

This study made it possible to identify the key project drivers for the functional analysis, based on an energy concept. The modifications to the Cluse-Roseraie site identified through this study were taken forward to be developed further at the next design stage. 

Services provided

Desk study

  • Analysis of the existing studies of the premises
  • Identification of the environmental and technical constraints

Study of the energy requirements

  • Analysis of the existing invoices and statements
  • Construction of the hourly curves for heating / cooling demand
  • Determination of the loads to enable the sizing of the pipes to carry the lake water

Audit of the existing technical installations

  • Audit of the technical installations and the operating regimes of the Geneva University Hospital and the University Medical Centre.
  • Initial proposals for the connection of buildings in the Eaux Vives district to the network

Development of the energy concept

  • Selection of energy production equipment (heating and cooling) in thermal power plants: high temperature heat pumps, hot and cold energy storage, exchangers etc.
  • Development of the detailed design and construction schematics
  • Simulation of the compatibility between the existing heating / cooling networks and the energy concept and new temperature programmes (lowering the heating network temperature)
  • Functional analysis (summer / winter)

Energy analysis

  • Modelling of the impact of the new equipment to understand the efficacy of the solution
  • Development of the flow diagram for the current and future scenarios
  • Environmental assessment (energy consumption, CO2 emissions, proportion of renewable energy)

Design of the GeniLac infrastructure

  • Modelling of the lake water exchange station
  • Definition of the route for the GeniLac infrastructure
  • Comparative analysis between a centralised or a decentralised pumping station on the GeniLac network

Risk / performance analysis

  • Analysis of the ability of the energy concept to meet the objectives: security of supply, user comfort, energy performance

Economic and timeframe analysis

  • Cost estimation of the works
  • Development of the outline construction programme, considering mutually beneficial works between the client and the city or other owners  

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