Perdonnet quay, Vevey - Expert advice and stability monitoring

Perdonnet quay, Vevey - Expert advice and stability monitoring


Commune de Vevey


1961 - 2017

Project description

Since the 1961 landslide, a 470m long section of the quayside has been monitored through the drilling of cores and the surveying of its geometry using geodetic benchmarks. This has been followed up with the instillation of inclinometers.

The Perdonnet quay is a backfilled structure which takes the form of a bridge structure towards the west and is formed using reinforced concrete. The stability of the quays and the bridge structure were verified analytically, as well as the bridge being checked for a traffic load of 16 tonnes.

Services provided

  • Geometrical and inclinometrical monitoring
  • Programme of surveys and georadar measurements
  • Expert advice relating to the stability
  • Structural verification of the bridge structure
  • Scheme and detailed design of a landing stage

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