Opportunity study for new markets, products and multifluid services
Acteurs identifiés des nouveaux domaines et services de la ville intelligente

Opportunity study for new markets, products and multifluid services


Association des distributeurs multifluides romands (Multidis)


July 2017 - November 2017


  • ExMDI
  • inno exec

Project description

The Multidis SA association brings together 24 multi-fluid industrial services in French-speaking Switzerland. These entities are facing increasing competition and are finding it necessary to evolve to respond to market developments related to legislative and technological advancements.

The liberalisation of measurement points, the rise of smart meters, and the development of local/personal electricity generation within communities are each emblematic of the future challenges facing the sector.

More generally, the development of intelligent (SMART) technologies and new business models will force industrial services to develop their market offerings.

Services provided

BG has supported the Multidis association in carrying out an in-depth study on the future of the management of distribution networks as they respond to legislative changes and the opening up of the market in which they operate.

The services included:  

  • in-depth analysis of the emerging smart technology market and its evolution,
  • identification of the new actors entering the market and their influence on the energy producers and distributors (GRDs),
  • development of business models, of business structures to be set up, and of proposed investment plans, including SWOT analyses, for three solutions which meet the needs of tomorrow's smart technology market

The opportunities studied were as follows:

  • electric mobility: the quality and stability of the network will depend on length of the charging time as well as the charging power used. Therefore, a judiciously controlled charging infrastructure will allow a smooth interaction between the GRDs and the consumers.
  • smart-meters: these are essential elements of an intelligent electrical distribution network (SMART Grid). They allow the functions of consumers to be switched on/off (load control); the restriction of the total electricity consumption at the point of connection; the management of decentralised production units or energy conversion devices (e.g. combined heat and power plants, natural gas combustion cells etc.); and accumulation management, for example plug-in hybrid vehicles or thermal accumulators in buildings.
  • self-generation/consumption: when several consumers benefit from electricity produced downstream of the consumers' connection to the grid, the GRD loses visibility of the details of supply and consumption within this 'black box'. As such, the role of the GRD and its preparation for the rise of decentralised renewable energy production is evolving and its response to this was investigated.

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