Multi-commune climate, air and energy plan – Cotentin conurbation

Multi-commune climate, air and energy plan – Cotentin conurbation


Communauté d'Agglomération du Cotentin


2018 - 2019



Total costs

221'730 € TTC

Project description

Guidance of the district leaders during the development of their regulatory plan for climate, air and energy.

As part of this commission, BG carried out an evaluation of the current state of the region's climate, air and energy use. This included a review of energy consumption, energy bills, GES (gas) emissions, use of local and renewable energy production, and the distribution networks. The conurbation-wide issues and potential were also investigated as were climate change mitigation scenarios, including energy savings deposits, renewable energy deposits and carbon storage.

The review of the existing situation, identification of the issues facing the region, and testing of various scenarios, (each submitted to consultation), will enable the conurbation plan to combat climate change to be produced alongside the associated action plan. In parallel, Algoé is carrying out a vulnerability / sensitivity assessment in relation to the impacts of climate change. These steps are being taken alongside those of land planning documents (SCoT, PDU and PLH).

The main challenges of the conurbation are linked to its nuclear history (Flamanville power plant and EPR at La Hague). This led to a significant proportion of electrical heating within the district and limited transition to other sources. Further, as in many districts, the existing building stock is relatively old.

The initial studies have identified significant biogas potential (for injection or transported gas) to be developed and linked to existing heating networks or agricultural activity, e.g. dairy farms; and an urgent need to review existing wind and hydroelectric production facilities.

Services provided

Client Representative for the development of the Conurbation Climate, Air and Energy Plan

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