Lötschberg railway tunnel

Lötschberg railway tunnel (Switzerland) - Electromechanical installations and rail engineering

Client / Owner

BLS AlpTransit AG, Thun


1994 – 2007



Total costs

630 million EUR

Project description

Main line

The main Lötschberg railway line is one of two axles making up the new Alpine rail links. It is comprised mainly of the base tunnel, the covered section at Frutigen and bridges over the Rhone.

  • Maximum speed of trains: 230 km/hr
  • Total amount of electromechanical work: around 700 MCHF

Base tunnel

  • 2 single lane tubes built in stages
  • Length: 35,5 km
  • Cross section: 65 m2
  • 2 underground stations at Mitholz et Ferden
  • 10 underground technical areas
  • 8 external technical buildings
  • 104 transversal galleries

Electromechanical installations

  • Railway line
  • Contact line
  • High, low and medium voltage cables 50 Hz and 16.7 Hz
  • High and medium voltage installations 50 Hz and 16.7 Hz
  • Low voltage and low current
  • Safety systems
  • Rail signposting
  • Site radio service
  • Telecommunications
  • Centralised technical management
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Ventilation for operation and site
  • Logistics


  • Electromechanical pre-project
  • Tenders for electromechanical lots and rail engineering
  • Coordination of work management
  • Coordination of electromechanical work and civil engineering
  • Planning of logistics
  • Management and follow up of work
  • Checking safety compliance

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