Lausanne Orthopaedic Hospital - Rooftop addition

Lausanne Orthopaedic Hospital - Rooftop addition


CHUV (University Hospital of Vaud


  • Study: September 2013 to June 2014
  • Performance: August 2014 to April 2015 


Gamme Architecture, Lausanne

Total costs

10.71 million EUR

Project description

  • Creation of prefabricated surgical suites on the roof of the orthopaedic hospital.
  • Expansion to have the Minergie-ECO seal of approval Energy reference area: 1,050 m2
  • Three ISO 5 operating rooms
  • One recovery room
  • Space for materials
  • Staff area
  • Entryway with double doors 


  • Engineering for heating, ventilation, sanitary, electrical, MCR, medical fluids
  • Energy design
  • Partial services per SIA 108

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