Ecole internationale de Genève - Centre des arts

International school of Geneva – Arts Centre


International School of Geneva, La Grande Boissière campus


  • Studies: 2007 - 2012
  • Cosntruction: 2012 - 2014



  • Wilmotte & Associés, Paris, Architect
  • Brodbeck-Roulet SA, Geneva, Architect
  • Losinger Marazzi, Main Contractor


Total costs

5.7 mio EUR

Project description

The project incorporated:

  • a 400 seat auditorium and a 200 seat theatre;
  • danse studios and music rooms;
  • art (classical and visual), design and technology workshops
  • The natural slope of the ground results in a ground-level access at the lower ground floor to the west, and the upper ground floor to the east.
  • The building volume is 26'000m3 over a gross floor area of approximately 4'000m2. 
  • The building takes the form of an "L", with the auditorium orientated east-west and the theatre orientated north-south. 

Project characteristics

The key structural characteristics of the building can be described as follows:

  • The building is founded on a piled-raft.
  • Load-bearing walls are designed to act as deep beams to transfer loads as required.
  • The high water table required the basement to be watertight and to be able to resist the hydrostatic pressure.
  • Prefabricated 'twin-wall' construction was used for the tall walls (heights of up to 11m).
  • Prestressed precast slab units were used for the longer spans of up to 16.5m at the first floor and roof levels (deformation and vibration performance verified for the use in dance studios).
  • Auditorium balconies cantilevering up to 4.6m required specific deformation and vibration analyses. The balconies were connected to the prefabricated walls using couplers (Baron) and pull-out bars.
  • Type 4 formwork was used to achieve the finish desired by the architect and client.

Services provided

Complete structural, geotechnical and drainage engineering services in line with SIA 103, over the phases:

  • Scheme design
  • Detailed design
  • Construction design including changes to accommodate the construction methods proposed
  • Monitoring during the construction phase

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