Hydroelectric power plant of Seyon downstream

Hydroelectric power plant of Seyon downstream, in Neuchâtel


  • Viteos SA
  • Service production


2014 - 2016

Total costs

2.25 mio EUR

Project description

The section of the Seyon river downstream of the galerie de Saint-Nicolas, in the town of Neuchâtel, contains a waterfall whose potential energy was previously not used for energy production. The installation of a new turbine at this location now allows the useful hydraulic energy to be captured.

The planned installation exploits a hydraulic head of 19.9m, provides an installed capacity of 235 kW (Kaplan turbine with double adjustment), assumes a nominal flow rate of 1.4 m3/2, and anticipates an annual production of 560,000 kWh/yr, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of 160 households.

  • The penstock pipe has a nominal diameter of 800 mm and a length of 90 m
  • A large variation in the flow rate is accommodated
  • The works are in the centre of Neuchâtel and require the management of road, bus and pedestrian traffic.
  • Integration of the works into an existing building
  • Requires coordination with the Public Works Department of Neuchâtel in relation to the rehabilitation of the St Nicolas intake gallery.
  • Diversion of the river during the construction works with real-time flow rate monitoring and the provision of emergency flood evacuation measures

Caractéristiques techniques:

  • Débit: 1.4 m3/s
  • Puissance P= 235 kW
  • Chute brute: 19.9 m
  • Production E = 0.56 GWh/an
  • Conduite forcée : PRV DN 800 et L=90 m
  • Turbine: 1 x Kaplan (à double réglage)

Services provided

Lead engineer throughout design and construction phases - SIA stages 32, 41, 51, 52 and 53.

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