Grandson - New jetty at port du Pecos

Grandson - New jetty at port du Pecos


Commune de Grandson


1997 - 2005

Total costs

2.4 mio EUR (not including onshore works)

Project description

The existing 140m long jetty was constructed in 1970 using pre-fabricated elements by Staempfli.
The new jetty is 150m long and was constructed using two parallel lines of sheet piles.
Local protection of the harbour wall against erosion/scour was installed in 1921.
Boat moorings were installed.
Decommissioning and re-construction of the landing stage.

Services provided

  • Inspection of the existing jetty
  • Rehabilitation proposal for the existing jetty
  • Inspection of the harbour walls
  • Geotechnical study
  • Hydraulic study of the body of water
  • Feasibility studies for a new jetty for the land-use plan
  • Complete mandate for the reconstruction of the jetty and the rehabilitation of the harbour walls in line with the SIA model, including design, planning/approvals and direction of the construction works.

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