GEMS World Academy

GEMS World Academy, Etoy / Fire Protection

Client / Owner

GEMS World Academy, Etoy


2011 - 2013


CCHE Architecture et Design SA

Project description

Five minutes from the Etoy train station, at the back of the La Tuilière industrial zone, a large school complex is under construction. In 2013, a Dubai-based group will open the "GEMS World Academy, Etoy", a prestigious international private school for English-speaking pupils.

A four-storey building will be built on the 40,000-m2 lot. The carcass work was completed in the summer of 2012; a study is being done on rezoning the building as a school. The permit for the interior layout is still pending.

GEMS Education Group, which operates schools around the world (Kenya, India, China, Britain and Arab countries), plans to open classrooms in autumn 2013, if the authorisations are granted. The proposed campus will accommodate 900 pupils, including 400 in the first year of operation.


Preliminary study / fire protection concept

  • Review the preliminary project prepared by the architect in order to identify any non-conformities or incompatibilities with fire protection requirements (AEAI standards and directives).
  • Draw up a fire protection concept (report and plans) containing building-related protection measures (fire compartmentation, escape and rescue routes, fire escapes, etc.) and technical protection measures (fire detection systems, extinguishing systems, evacuation route signage, emergency lighting, smoke and heat exhaust systems, fire alarms, etc.).
  • Study alternate concepts.
  • Design and integrate solutions based on performance (calculation proof, engineering work, digital simulations, etc.).
  • Undertake discussions with the competent fire protection authorities (ECA and fire-fighters).

 Execution of the work / monitoring

  • Provide guidance and assistance to the client, architect, site management and engineers during the construction and acceptance phases of the technical fire protection facilities.
  • Help engineers to select systems and ascertain technical details.
  • Carry out acceptance visits with the competent authorities in order to obtain the occupancy permit.

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