Sorne river in Delémont, Switzerland

Flood protection and river improvement of the Sorne river in Delémont, Switzerland

Client / Owner

City of Delémont (Switzerland)


2003 - ongoing


  • ATB SA,
  • Biotec,
  • Pepi Natale,
  • Urbaplan.

Total costs

15.3 million EUR

Project description

Since 2003, BG assists the City of Delémont. At first BG completed the mapping of the flood risks, and then continued with the preliminary design of the flood protection structures along the river.

Based on these preliminary designs, a Master plan was drawn.

After some severe flooding occurred in 2007, the implementation of emergency works were undertaken under the supervision of BG, including the construction of 2 secondary dykes in the most vulnerable sectors of the City.

In 2011-2012, BG worked on the detailed design of the flood protection of the central sector (lowering of the water bed and improvement of the embankment walls) and Morépont upstream sector (enlargement of the riverbed and natural improvement of the river banks).


  • Leadership for the thematic studies
  • Hydrology & hydraulics
  • General design for the river improvements and flood control works
  • Geotechnics
  • Detailed design and dimensioning of complex civil works (inc rehabilitations)
  • Client support for all flood-related questions, assistance for negotiations & discussions between stakeholders
  • Mapping of danger zones and conception of early warning plan
  • General works supervision

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