La Reuss

Flood protection and and revitalisation of the Reuss river (Canton of Luzern)

Client / Owner

Infrastructure department of canton of Luzern


2009 - 2010


  • Emch+Berger WSB AG
  • metron

Project Description

The Reuss river is degraded along a 13.2km strech. The historical floodplains have virtually disappeared and the valley is intensively occupied by living, industrial and agricultural areas.

The river has large economic and ecologic deficiencies. The 2005 rainfalls showed how critical the river situation is in term of its lack of protection causing damages estimated from 50 to 260 million francs.

The project objectives are to restore the river dynamic, to enhance the ecologic and leisure functions of the river and to increase the level of flood protection.

The basic principle is to restablish the hydraulic regime width where it is possible, which corresponds to a widening of the riverbed between 60 to 110m. In addition to that, several dikes are needed in most of the streches. The extreme floods will overflow in the plain which helps discharging the riverbed and absorbing the peaks, backward dikes protect the industrial and living areas.


Within the framework of the preliminary design of a 13.2km strech:

  • Flow management and protection concept
  • Variant analysis (development and comparison of variants)
  • Thorough hydraulic study

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