Flood Management Master plan, Annaba - Algeria

Flood Management Master plan, Annaba - Algeria


  • Ministère des Ressources en Eau
  • Direction de l’Hydraulique de la Wilaya de Annaba


2004 – 2008

Total costs

Studies: 1.8 million EUR

Project Descritpion

  • The City of Annaba, 3 main municipalities and 14 secondary towns.
  • Targeted population : 500 000 inhabitants
  • 20 kmof main rivers plus 20 minor rivers
  • 3 main pumping stations


  • Complex problems to be addressed: violent hydrology, important solid transfers, very flat urban area with uncontrolled urbanization.
  • The whole process was computer-assisted : GIS, modeling, training of personnel
  • Close coordination with water supply and sanitation studies
  • Supervision of urgent works, planning for improvement works.


  • Surveysand data collection
  • Diagnosis and modeling of the flood drainage, treatment and management system
  • Immediate improvement measures
  • Master plan (horizon 2025)
  • Detailed design for the rehabilitation, upgrade and extension of the system
  • Tender documents

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