Haut-Bugey TGV line between Geneva and Paris

Environmental risks - Rockfall and rock collapse one the Haut-Bugey TGV line between Geneva and Paris


Réseau Ferré de France


2004 - 2009

Total costs

14 mio EUR

Project description

Modernisation of a former railway line, partially abandoned in 1990, running between Bellegarde-sur-Valersine and Bourg-en-Bresse. This renovated line would be used for the high-speed railway (TGV) between Paris and Geneva.

Description of the work :

  • 74 zones, 3 civil engineering packages and 1 railway equipment package
  • 8 km of rockfall protection screens
  • Over 60,000m2 of cliff faces cleaned, anchored and covered with wire mesh and netting
  • 8 km of rockfall, lanslide and cliff collapse detection netting (vertical and horizontal)
  • 24 prototype anchors
  • Ditches and embankments.
  • Concrete shoring and buttressing
  • High-strength meshes (Tecco)

Services provided 

  • Project manager for the protection works.
  • Feasibility studies for certain zones
  • Field inspections, often by climbing and abseiling, during the scheme design and detailed design phases
  • Hazard identification and characterisation
  • Hazard mapping
  • Trajectory analysis (using ROCFALL software)
  • Definition of the potential impacts and evaluation of the exposure
  • Risk characterisation
  • Detailed analysis for each of the zones, leading to development and design of the protection works.
  • Tender process assistance.
  • Installation (review of specialist contractor's design, direction of the works, and commissioning assistance)
  • Diverse additional advice.


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