Installation of the vertical geothermal boreholes

Energy masterplan for the town of Monthey


Town of Monthey, Industrial Services


2015 - 2016


Navitas Consilium

Project description

As part of its "Cité de l'Energie" sustainability label, the Commune of Monthey has committed itself to a proactive approach to energy management.

The implementation of an energy plan at a commune level will provide the Commune of Monthey with a tool to facilitate the application of new energy laws. This tool will enable the Commune to reduce its energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.

This energy masterplan contains short, medium and long-term objectives and identifies the key directions and major projects which are to be implemented in order to achieve these goals. Carried out in its entirety through a geographical information system (GIS), the tool is user-focussed and promotes the exchange of data between the various departments of the Town (urban planning, mobility, energy etc.).

Services provided

Energy masterplan for the Town of Monthey

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