Drainage system master plan of the municipality of the Birse River


  • Swiss North-west states conference
  • Participating cantons: BE, JU, SO, BL, BS


2001 - 2005


Hintermann & Weber SA, Reinach

Project Description

Birse: 75 km of waterways, 866 km2 watershed, 170 000 inhabitants in the watershed. The master plan of the Birse is an integrated planning of water, whose objectives are:

  • Improving the environment and diversity to the Birse and its tributaries
  • Good quality of surface waters
  • The groundwater resources sufficient and good quality
  • The protection of human and goods against floods
  • Good recreational value

In phase 1: the current state of the Birse River and its tributaries has been documented and represented geographically (GIS).

Phase 2: Deficits and potential for environmental improvement of all watercourses and of each of the project areas have been identified. A development concept has been developed.

Phase 3: Criteria for setting priorities have been defined, particularly, on the basis development of benefits and costs.

The project concludes with a complete catalogue of all the actions.


  • Inventory of all modules in the PREE
  • Data management and GIS
  • Thematic Mapping
  • Description of the current situation and identify gaps in the stream
  • Definition of natural and reference
  • Identification of potential improvement
  • Development of priorities
  • Definition of homogeneous sections of rivers
  • Action Plan
  • Estimation of benefits and costs of measure

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