District heating network of Montana - Randogne

District heating network of Montana - Randogne


Crans-Montana Energies SA



2015 - 2020

Total costs

24.5 million EUR

Project Description

The future district heating network in Montana - Randogne will eventually have the following characteristics:

  • 10'000 m of pre-insulated pipes
  • nearly 200 clients
  • boiler rooms: pads: 4.8 MW, natural gas: 5.7 MW

The mission consists in the realisation of the study, tendering, execution and reception phases of the district heating network. The first step consists in implementing a boiler room of 1.5 MW at the School Centre of Montana to cover the Ycoor School Centre - Skating Rink section.

The difficulty of the project lies in several aspects:

  • work in a highly urbanised environment (traffic, installation of tubes by helicopter, etc)
  • other work carried out simultaneously on the track (refurbishment of underground networks, redevelopment of public space)
  • deadlines for the energy supply

With the delivery term over 26 000 MWh/year of heat, this heating network represents a structuring project in the energy supply of the Municipalities of the Haut-Plateau.


Project studies, tendering and execution for the district heating network of Montana - Randogne.

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