District energy concept for the town of Grand Saconnex

District energy concept for the town of Grand Saconnex


Ville du Grand Saconnex


2012 - 2013

Project description

Development of a district energy concept for the town of Grand Saconnex

  • Desk study: review of available studies, identification of missing data, extrapolation of potential energy use to 2030, summary of objectives to be achieved.
  • Evaluation of available local renewable energy resources: surface water or foul water (thermal energy recovery or hydroelectric potential), timber biomass (forest, recycled timber), organic waste, shallow geothermal energy (probes, seasonal storage etc.), deep geothermal energy (doublet into a deep aquifer), solar thermal and photovoltaic, thermal exchanges for reject heat, Lignon district heating network
  • Estimation of the thermal energy demand (heating, hot water, cooling) and electrical energy needs of the town at present, and also an estimation of the demands at the 2030 horizon on the basis of the predicted usage (Urban Planning Directive), taking into account likely renovation rates. Proposal of a set of indicators and possible intervention scenarios.
  • Matching of resources to demand, taking into account the project objectives to be achieved and the interventions undertaken.
  • Redefinition of the town's energy policy in line with the constraints and opportunities available.
  • Proposal of a town-wide energy concept comprised of sector concepts, taking into account realistic project planning goals.


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