Lausanne metro m2

Development of the Lausanne Metro – Lines m2 and m3 Electro-mechanical engineering


State of Vaud - DGMR - DIRH


2017 - 2026 (expected completion date)


In consortium – BG lead Engineer

Project description 

Modification of the m2 line:

The existing m2 line will be modified between the station Grancy and station Flon (approximately 800m). In this section the m2 line will be shifted and will go through a new tunnel (West tunnel) with one new station (CFF railway station).
The modification also includes the extension of the rolling stock parking capacity in the northern extremity of the line, additional tracks and switches, in particular for a new connection to the existing depot and corrections of detected obsolescence of the existing systems.

New m3 line:
This new line, entirely underground, includes:

  • 4 km of tunnels (single bore, two tracks).
  • 6 new underground stations.
  • A parking and light maintenance area at the extremity of the line.

Rolling stock:

Both the m2 and m3 use driverless class GOA4 rolling stock on rubber tires.

The metro project is strongly interfaced with:

  • The major transformation project of the Lausanne railway station, conducted by the CFF (Swiss Federal Railways Company).
  • The projected eco-district Metamorphose, one of the strongest element in the urbanistic development of the city of Lausanne. 


The electro-mechanical engineering contract concerns the modification of the existing m2 line and the new m3 line. It includes the following domains:

  • Power supply (traction current, high voltage / low voltage, transformation and distribution);
  • Tracks and switches;
  • Active E&M equipment in the stations and tunnels;
  • Platform screen doors;
  • Tunnel fire ventilation systems;
  • Fire-fighting, dewatering and plumbing systems;
  • Communication systems;
  • SCADA;
  • Secondary works.
  • Safety studies;
  • Management of the technical coordination with the civil works / automatism / rolling stock.
  • The project phases involved are:
  • Preliminary design;
  • Detailed design;
  • Assistance for the authorization procedures;
  • Preparation of tender documents, analysis of bids;
  • Execution studies;
  • Site supervision;
  • Testing and commissioning;
  • Assistance to the client for the handovers.

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