Dangerous goods traffic analysis

Dangerous goods traffic analysis - Major risks (OPAM) analysis


Environmental department of the canton of Geneva


October 2013 - March 2014

Project description

The Environmental department of the canton of Geneva requested that BG undertake the studies relating to the Organisation of the Protection against Major Accidents (OPAM). Two cantonal roads were to be studied:

  • The RC6 Route de Meyrin between the Bouchet junction and the Rue Lect (Meyrin)
  • The RC24 Route Blanche - Route de Malagnou between the Vallard customs point and the Chemin de la Chevillarde

In order to complete the OPAM screening process for the RC6 and the RC24 in line with the road screening methodology (2010), it was first necessary to characterise the local dangerous goods traffic. This was done in terms of volume and type of dangerous product for different points along the roads.

As a base for this exercise, the number and nature of vehicles transporting dangerous goods were counted from the 27th to the 31st of January 2014, which was a week considered representative of the traffic, outside school and bank holidays. The information collected provided local data for the risk analysis (screening) linked to the transport of dangerous goods on the RC6 and the RC24.

The screening methodology is based which uses the information entered on each section (length, traffic, number of lanes etc.) to simulate a certain number of event and deduces the number and severity of casualties associated alongside the potential frequency of the scenario (events per year). The graphical results are produced automatically from the model in the form of "frequency x severity" curves.

These curves are then compared to those which define the OPAM acceptability criteria. This identifies if / where additional safety measures are required, or even if the total / partial restriction of dangerous goods, is required.

These specialist services provided by BG made it possible to respond to the needs of the Environmental department. 


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