Commisionning and monitoring - Philosophes 22

Commisionning and monitoring - Philosophes 22


Finance department / Office des Bâtiments (OBA)


2015 - 2017


Laboratory: SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH

Project description

Following the complete renovation of the building, the Office des Bâtiments (OBA) of the canton de Geneva planned to commission and monitor the Philosophes building of the Université des Bastions. 

In 2015, BG carried out technical inspections of the completed building to review the levels of comfort achieved as well as the functioning of the technical installations and the quality of the construction. Under the monitoring objective, energy indicators were installed in the building and the results were monitored over the following two years.

Services provided

BG has carried out a technical expert role for the commissioning and monitoring phases for the Philosophes building at the Université des Bastions, covering the following aspects:

  • Verification of the energy data
  • Study of the thermal performance of the building envelope as a whole system, with spot checks as required
  • Technical audit of the MEP installations
  • Assessment of the visual and thermal comfort levels within the building
  • Indoor air quality assessment – ventilation concept and analysis of VOCS (volatile organic compounds)
  • Establishment and monitoring of energy indicators

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