Cheneviers IV energy from waste facility, Geneva
Aerial view (southwest)

Cheneviers IV energy from waste facility, Geneva – Civil engineering


Services industriels de Genève, SIG


  • Design (SIA phases 31 to 41): 2015 2019
  • Site works (SIA phases 51 to 53): 2017 2023



  • TBF, Electromechanical Engineers
  • ass, Architects
  • BG, ass and TBF form the consortium 'GEBAT', with BG as the pilot
  • BG is also providing engineering services within the following disciplines: MEP building services, geotechnics, fire safety and demolition/site remediation.

Total costs

6,75 mio EUR

Project description

  • Cheneviers IV is the fourth generation of Geneva's energy from waste facility. The objective of the project is to:
    • dismantle most of the building elements installed for the first two generations, I and II, while maintaining the ability of the third generation, Cheneviers III, to function;
    • Cheneviers IV will then be installed in place left after the demolition;
    • when this is brought on line, it will be possible to demolish Cheneviers III.

Project characteristics

The new construction is directly connected to the existing facility through the existing slab from which the waste is unloaded. This imposes certain technical constraints on the connection and the phasing of the works. These works include:

  • Demolition of the existing reinforced concrete and steel structures, including a 105m tall concrete chimney.
  • Underpinning, strengthening and adapting existing structural elements to suit the requirements of the new facility.
  • Earthworks and the installation of deep foundations in confined areas.
  • Design of the structures taking into account the groundwater level and ecosystem, particularly during the excavation and construction adjacent to the River Rhone.
  • Construction of a new ramp up to the unloading slab with two lanes, capable of carrying lorries of up to 40t.
  • Construction of a new watertight silo to store the waste before incineration, 70m long, 15m wide and 18m deep.
  • Construction of a new rotating bridge over the access canal to improve circulation.
  • Design of a large capacity gantry crane
  • Insertion of the new facility into a complex network of drainage and supply piping.
  • Construction works on an access-controlled site which remains in operation throughout the works.

Services provided

Complete civil engineering services in line with SIA 103 for all phases, i.e.:

  • Scheme and detailed desgin
  • Authorisations and tender processes
  • Construction design and monitoring of the works

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