Cheneviers IV

Cheneviers IV – Demolition and complete remediation of the site


SIG – Services Industriels de Genève


2015 - 2022


  • BG is in a consortium called 'GEBAT' with ass (architects) and TBF (electromechanical engineers).
  • BG is piloting the consortium, and is also developing the civil, fire and building services engineering design.


Total costs

22.5 mio EUR

Project description

Polluted sites and soils engineering

Services provided

  • Identification of the soil pollution levels
  • Establishment of the hydrogeological conditions on the site to enable the development of industrial pumping wells with a maximum flow rate of 100m3/hr
  • Development of the phased deconstruction concept for this energy from waste facility, in parallel with the phased construction of the new facility, to ensure continuous availability
  • Definition of the remediation methods for the site before demolition (asbestos, lead, PCBs, VOCs etc.)
  • Establishment of the overall costs of the phased demolition
  • Development of the public tender documentation, followed by a review and summary of the tender returns, and the proposed ranking of the candidates
  • Monitoring the deconstruction works
  • Development of the final reports

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