Cheliff Dam

Cheliff Dam (Mostaganem - Algeria)

 Client / Owner

  • Algerian National Agency for Dams,
  • Ministry of Water Resources (Algeria)



2005 - 2009

Total costs

280 million EUR

Project description

The Cheliff River diversion dam, consisting of a concrete structure and an embankment wing, is designed to supply the Kerrada dam with water as well as provide a drinking water treatment system. The dam therefore comprises a raw water intake, desalting and pumping system.

  • Maximum height: 48 m
  • Maximum height: 48 m
  • Drainage basin: 43,700 km2
  • Annual flood: 840 m3/s
  • Radial gates: 4 x 15 m x 11.5 m
  • Check valves: 4 x 2.4 m x 7 m • Design flow: 6700 m3/s
  • Treatment capacity - Kerrada dam: 9.5 m3/s
  • Treatment capacity - Drinking water station: 6.5 m3/s
  • Eight 50-m-diameter desilting chambers
  • Capacity: 50 MVA

8 km pipeline made from cast iron + DN 2000 steel, including a 1 600 m3 regulation reservoir.


  • Executive management assistance
  • Financial management of the project
  • Expertise on downstream flow conditions and the impacts on sludge disposal and operation of the spillway
  • Hydraulic design
  • Project preparation and bid packages (hydro-mechanical equipment, hydraulic transfer system, temporary diversion system, installation of desalting chambers, pumping station design and related equipment)
  • Bid package
  • Construction works Supervision
  • Definition of site management principles including associated automated systems
  • Monitoring the installation of hydro-mechanical equipment

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