Chavalon Factory

Chavalon Factory – Remediation and demolition of the old boilers


Centrale Thermique de Vouvry (CTV)


This elements has been ongoing since 2014



Total costs

2.7 mio EUR

Project description

Built in 1965 to burn heavy fuel oil from the Collombey refinery, the Chavalon power plant above Vouvry was decommissioned in 2000. In 2006, BG conducted a complete pollution audit of the site: asbestos, PCBs, VOCs etc.

Between 2007 and 2008, BG was appointed to develop a concept to remediate the site and return it to its natural state. Notably this included the complete deconstruction and remediation of the site, as well as the management of the public tender procedure for the whole operation.

The asbestos removal works began in 2009.

In 2014, CTV appointed BG to continue the remediation works at the facility as part of the site's safety and security measures. These works included the completion of the asbestos removal and the deconstruction of the two boilers.

Each of the boilers were more than 40m high and they came with over 120km of heat transfer piping.

Services provided

The works included:

  • Complete asbestos removal
  • Remediation of the boilers through hydro-demolition
  • Removal of the piping, the heat resistant bricks and the heat isolation bricks

The load-bearing structure was not touched in this phase as the boilers were suspended from the structure.

The works were undertaken from the inside of the boilers, without impacting the external envelope, which had to remain intact. It is considered that the complete deconstruction of the facility in the near future is unlikely. 

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