CFF – Bôle-Boveresse line – rockfall protection

CFF – Bôle-Boveresse line – rockfall protection


CFF SA - Lausanne


2011 - 2015

Total costs

5.4 mio EUR

Project description

  • Detailed design, tender process, construction and direction of the works.
  • Monitoring of the hydrogeology at the sources (zones S1 and S2)

Services provided 

The rockfall protection works included:

  • Protection netting, 100-250-500-1000 et 1500 kJ
  • Cladding mesh against the cliff face
  • Removal/purge of unstable blocks
  • Stabilisation by anchorage of isolated blocks
  • Remedial purging of the cliff face
  • Hydrogeological monitoring of the Areuse springs


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