Assistance to the operational manager at la defense

Assistance to the operational manager for the modernisation of the covered routes at la defense




2012 - 2018

Total costs

100 mio EUR

Project description

The covered ways managed by the EPADESA can be separated into three families:

  • Service roads, whose main function is to serve the delivery areas of the corporate restaurants and shops, and to access the car parks and taxi ranks. These roads also provide emergency access to the towers.
  • North-South and South-North transport routes.
  • Lanes reserved for public transport.

The total length of covered road is 5'685m.

Three new covered ways are also being planned:

  • The covering of the RD7, in connection with the Hermitage construction project.
  • The Trinity project, the construction of which will be syncronised with the modernisation works of the Voie des Modeleurs.
  • The Demi-Lune project, for which the construction will be synchronised with the modernisation works of the Voie Georges Hutin.

Services provided

The role entrusted to BG involves assisting the Client both technically and in relation to the project management, for:

  • the modernisation works for 14 existing covered lanes;
  • alterations to three existing covered lanes to bring them into line with safety standards.

The modernisation of the covered ways was coordinated at a commune level (to ensure an overall coherence of all the works in progress in terms of supervision, detection and evacuation planning), and also at a local project level.

In order to enable the efficient sharing of information between all the project stakeholders, and to control the document management for all the works in progress, BG introduced Zone-21 (version 5), its cross-party document management tool.

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