AMAG Petit Lancy

AMAG Petit-Lancy – Remediation, demolition, earthworks monitoring and site waste management


Amag Immobilien AG


2011 -2018

Total costs

1.8 mio EUR

Project description

As part of the transformation of the AMAG garage at Petit-Lancy, the old VW and Porsche garages were completely demolished and a new building has been built in their place.

BG was appointed to undertake a diagnostic survey of the pollution intrinsic to the old buildings (e.g. asbestos) to enable them to develop the tender documentation for the remediation and demolition as well as the site waste management lots. After managing the tender process, BG organised and monitored the remediation, demolition, earthworks and site waste management packages on site.

Services provided

Pollutants audit (asbestos, PCB, VOCs, pollution of concrete)

  • Removal of materials likely to contain pollutants throughout the buildings and the external areas
  • Packaging and sending the samples to the laboratories
  • Drafting of a 'pre-works' report including plans, photos, a list of rooms visited, positions of samples taken, results of analyses, material information, general safety recommendations, identification of the urgency of removal/ stabilisation, and explanation of the appropriate safety measures.
  • Estimation of the volume of work to be undertaken
  • Estimation of the costs related to the presence of pollutants
  • Drafting of the tender documentation for the remediation

Tender for the demolition works

  • Visit with the tenderers
  • Estimation of the volume of work, and development of the tender documentation
  • Analyse des offres et proposition d'adjudication

Monitoring of the remediation and demolition works

  • Validation of the removal and storage plan
  • Planning and organisation of the work in collaboration with the successful tenderer
  • Monitoring of the works and the progress made
  • General and package management, including the management of the site, the organisation of site meetings and the drafting of the minutes
  • "Green light" visits, visual reviews following works and validation of the liberation of works zones

Monitoring of the earthworks

  • Organisation and monitoring of the excavations
  • Taking of samples of the solid material and sending to the laboratories for analysis
  • Receipt of analysis results, comparison with the current codes, drafting of a technical note relating to the soil pollution
  • Monitoring the earthworks, management of the OMoD waste transport tickets and development of summary note for the works

Management of site waste

  • Declaration of the works to the canton office (service de gestion des déchets)
  • Development of a Waste Management Plan (PGD)
  • Development of the tender documentation including the specification and the technical details, for the waste removal firms

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