Adolphe bridge, Luxembourg
Adolphe bridge, Luxembourg

Adolphe bridge, Luxembourg


The State of Luxembourg


In progress since 2006


INCA Ingénieurs Conseils (Luxembourgeois engineers)

Project description

  • Demolition and reconstruction of the 155m x 20m bridge deck, with a 75cm widening at each side.
  • Integration of tram tracks and associated infrastructure.
  • Strengthening of the large arches; restoration, repair and refurbishment works of the masonry elements while respecting the original appearance of the structure, which was constructed in 1903 by P. Séjourné. 

Services provided

Expert advice in the following phases:

  • project definition (APS)
  • easibility / scheme design (APD)
  • tender process (DCE)
  • verification of contractor designs (VISA)

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