A9 – Vennes-Chexbres - Section TP4 - Anchored walls

A9 – Vennes-Chexbres - Section TP4 - Anchored walls - Monitoring and interpretation of results


OFROU - Estavayer-le-Lac


2015 - 2018

Total costs

65.25 k.EUR

Project description

Monitoring and interpretation of the measurements taken from the instrumentation which equips the anchored walls along the TP4 section of the A9 autoroute in the commune of Grandvaux.

Services provided

  • Measurement, management and interpretation.
  • Semi-automatic synthesis of measurements with identification of sensitive structures according to a table of predefined alert criteria (risk management).
  • Proposal of specific measurements for the most sensitive structures.
  • Anchored walls constructed in the 1970's;
  • 8 structures were monitored (5 anchored walls and three using anchored plates).
  • 21 clinometers
  • 24 inclinometers.
  • 11 crack tell-tales.
  • 10 piezometers.


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