A9 - Glion Tunnel

A9 - Glion Tunnel (Switzerland - Vaud): Remedial works and upgrading for compliance - UPLANS


  • Etat de Vaud - DINF
  • Service des routes - Routes nationales


  • Studies : 2001 - 2006
  • Constuction:  2004 - 2006

Total costs

66 mio EUR

Project description

  • Bring into compliance the safety signage/signalling (emergency exits)
  • Ventilation before the renovation: semi-transverse mechanical ventilation
  • Ventilation after the renovation: longitudinal ventilation using jet accelerators
  • Demolition of the existing lining and ventilation slab 
  • Installation of a waterproofing layer and installation of a new concrete finish
  • Rehabilitation of the road surface, the pavements and all services networks.

Services provided

  • Feasibility studies: the refurbishment and upgrade for compliance of the tunnels and open-cut sections between Montreux and Villeneuve (Vuarennes bridges, La Baye de Montreux viaducts, the Veraye bridges).
  • Scheme design
  • Detailed design
  • Production of tender documents
  • Construction design
  • Direction of the design and the works
  • Civil engineering / electromechanical coordination
  • Package management of the works

Description of the design

  • Analysis of the existing ventilation system
  • Proposal of ventilation variations in accordance with the OFROU (2001) directives
  • Remedial works to the civil engineering and EM installations relating to the variant selected.
  • Planning of the civil engineering aspects of the tunnels and bridge works as well as the overall programming
  • Specification of the renovations of the lighting, signage/signalling and fire detection: the distribution networks and the plant. 

Key tunnel specifications

  • Length: 1,350 m
  • Configuration: double bore, each bore containing two lanes of uni-directional traffic
  • Slope : 3 %
  • Clearance height: 4.5 m
  • Traffic 2002: 50,000 vehicles/day with a peak of 80,000 vehicles/day at certain points 

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