Serrières Tunnel

A5 - Serrières tunnel - Electromechanical equipement


  • Department for Land Management
    Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel


2009 - 2014


IM Maggia and RGR

Total costs

14.4 mio CHF

Project description

Motorway tunnel located on the N5 to the west of the city of Neuchâtel. It has two uni-directional tunnel bores, each 1100m long. Each bore is equipped with a technical gallery, which links the two main platrooms which are located at each end.

The electromechanical equipment concerned includes the following:

  • Energy
    • Medium voltage distribution, 20 kV
    • Low voltage distribution, TGBT (including uninterruptable power supply)
  • Lighting
    • LED driving lighting
    • Adaptive lighting
    • Active signage
  • Tunnel ventilation (longitudinal ventilation using jet fans)
  • Signage and traffic counting for the motorway section
  • Fire detection
  • Radio communication
  • Video surveillance and automatic accident detection
  • SOS telephone system
  • Control-command management and communication network
  • Low-voltage cabling and fibre-optic network
  • Second fix in the plantrooms: painting, partitions, low-voltage distribution, lifting hoist, cable trays, metalwork, fire compartmentation, doors
  • VCC installation in the plantrooms and technical galleries.


Services provided

  • Scheme design (phase 4.31, in line with SIA 108)
  • Detailed design (phase 4.32, in line with SIA 108)
  • Tender documentation and contract negotiation (phase 4.41, in line with SIA 108)
  • Construction design, construction management and commissioning (phases 4.51, 4.52 et 4.53, in line with SIA 108)

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