A16 - Loveresse tunnel

A16 - Tunnel de Loveresse


Canton de Berne - Office des Ponts et Chaussées


2012 - 2016


In partnership, BG as pilot of the group

Total costs

45 mio EUR

Project description


  • Surface colluvium, altered molasse, unaltered molasse
  • Heterogeneity, marl layers, local sandstone layers
  • Mediocre quality, soft to very soft consistency, sensitivity to alteration
  • Limited water ingress
  • Slippages in the upper layers and at the portals

Loveresse Tunnel

  • 400 m length in molasse
  • East cut and cover trench: length 50 m with adjoining technical room
  • West cut and cover trench: length 50 m with adjoining technical room
  • Emergency exit in the middle of the tunnel

Key characteristics 

  • Total length of the section: 500 m
  • Mechanical excavation, moving upward
  • Earth support with heavy ribs and stabilisation measures over the entire length using long forepoling anchors at the excavation face, and micropiles


  • Excavation: 54,750 m3
  • Concrete for earth support: 21,330 m3
  • Heavy support ribs: 1,830 t
  • Forepoling steel support tubes : 24,000 m
  • Micro-piles : 4,810 m
  • Excavation face anchorages: 31,500 m
  • Waterproofing and drainage: 10,780 m2
  • Concrete (lining, service gallery and internal profiles): 14,100 m3 

Services provided

  • Scheme design,
  • detailed design,
  • tender process,
  • construction design,
  • direction of the site works.

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