Exterior view

A16 - Refurbishment of the operational and safety equipment in the Terri, Russelin and Develier tunnels


  • Federal Roads Office, OFROU (Switzerland)

  • Filiale F1 - Estavayer-le-Lac


2016 - 2019

Total costs

12.6 mio EUR

Project description

Mont-Terri and Mont-Russelin tunnels and the cut-and-cover section at Develier over the A16 trans-Jura motorway between Delémont and Porrentruy.

  • Mont-Terri tunnel: Single bore bidirectional tunnel, 4000m long with three plantrooms and a safety gallery running parallel to the main tunnel.
  • Mont-Russelin tunnel: Single bore bidirectional tunnel, 3500m long with three plantrooms and a safety gallery running parallel to the main tunnel.
  • Develier cut-and-cover tunnel: Two unidirectional compartments, 800m long with two plantrooms.

This project consists of the refurbishment of the older electromechanical installations (originally commissioned in 1998). The key points are identified below.

Electromechanical installations:

  • Renewal of various control-command equipment, including electricity, signage, and more
  • Overhaul of the medium-voltage distribution network
  • Update of the low-voltage installations and bringing into compliance the electrical distribution boards (safety of people and material)
  • LED light fittings replacement for the driving lanes, the emergency lighting and the floor level pedestrian guidance lighting
  • Complete renovation of the lighting system in the safety / emergency galleries
  • Analysis of the signalling system in line with the standards
  • Complete renovation of the signalling system, including the control-command management system
  • Complete renovation of the video surveillance installation system, switching to a digital system with online cameras and an automatic incident detection system
  • Renewal of the radio broadcasting facilities, including the addition of a DAB+ broadcasting network
  • Installation of the mobile network (GSM) and radio and emergency network (polycom) in the safety / security galleries
  • Integration of the new control-command systems into the high-level management system, including the incorporation of comments from the operators and the police
  • Renovation of the ventilation, air-conditioning and heating of the plantrooms, including the refurbishment of the control-command rooms and the installation of variable frequency drives and air extractors
  • Update of the lighting and other low-power installations, as well as secondary equipment including false ceilings, fire compartments and oil separators

Services provided

  • Options analysis, not including the concept design (MK)
  • Detailed design (MP)
  • Tender and contractual documentation (AO ENT)
  • Construction design and package management (EX - RE)
  • Reception of the works; monitoring of the guaranteed works (MS)
  • Overall construction management and resident engineer services
  • Coordination across the project team
  • Participation in technical and coordination meetings; production of the minutes
  • Proactive support to the client and client's representative
  • Traffic management services
  • Monitoring and control of the programme and costs

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