A16 - Electromechanical installations in the Bure tunnel

A16 - Electromechanical installations in the Bure tunnel


  • Republic and canton of Jura (Switzerland)

  • Infrastructure Service (SIN)


2002 - 2014

Total costs

18 mio EUR

Project description

The tunnel is located on the trans-Jura A16 motorway. It has a single bidirectional bore with a mezzanine separation slab which separates the running tunnel and the safety / evacuation route; there is also a technical gallery and three plantrooms. The key characteristics are as follows:

  • Length 3059m
  • Width of carriageway 7.75m
  • Cross-sectional area (traffic section) 55m2

Services provided

Electromechanical installations:

  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Safety / evacuation gallery ventilation
  • Fire detection within the tunnel
  • Low-voltage distribution installations
  • Communication network
  • Video and automatic incident detection system installation
  • Signage and traffic counting for the motorway section, including the junctions
  • Lighting, low power and telephonic installations in the platrooms, the technical gallery and the escape route
  • Heating, ventilation and plumbing installations in the plantrooms
  • Management and acquisition of the data and controls for the low- and medium-voltage installations, as well as for the lighting and low voltage equipment
  • Lifting equipment for the plantrooms and ventilation shafts
  • Water networks and oil separators
  • Portal control pannels (PCP)
  • Modelling of all the electromechanical equipment and installations
  • General planning of all the electromechanical packages; coordination with the civil engineering planner

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